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Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop the most interactive trampoline with originality, imagination, and innovation to help get people active and outdoors.

About Us

Skyline Trampolines was established in 2018 with the goal of revitalizing activity in young adults with innovative trampoline design. With two thirds of American adults regretting not spending more of their childhood in the great outdoors, Skyline Trampolines seeks to encourage people to choose to engage in outdoor activities, rather than sitting inside on electronics. Our team here at Skyline strives to provide unique trampolines that will be engaging and get people outdoors. We strive to offer the best customer service, creating a community of satisfied customers that help us constantly improve our business.

The Problem?

Our Solution!

According to Study Finds, about 2/3 of young adults in America regret not spending more time of their childhood outside in a survey conducted by the Recreational Voting and Fishing Society

 At Skyline Trampolines, we seek to encourage youth to take advantage of the great outdoors and have fun through fitness rather than sitting inside on a screen. We continue to innovate more and more models of exciting trampolines and accessories to inspire our youth to take advantage of the outdoors!

Meet our Employees

Chief Executive Officer


Omar Timoumi


Chief of Technology

15077 (6).jpg

Jonathan Snelgrove

Chief of Marketing

unnamed (1).jpg

Joey Leibrandt

Chief of Finance

unnamed (1).png

Caden Vogt

Chief of Operations


Carter Heimsoth


Technology Associate


Gabe Cieslak

Marketing Associate


Josh Holst
(Skyline Man)

Finance Associate


Riley Weiss

H.R Officer

unnamed (2).png

Cristian Ocelotl

Marketing Associate


Cory Castaneda

Marketing Associate


Sebastian Villasenor

Marketing Associate

unnamed (3).png

Aiden Nichols

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