About Us


Skyline Trampolines was established in 2018 with the ideology of exciting young children to get outside and into shape, all while having fun. We are currently based out of Marengo, IL and have a wide variety of trampolines, accessories, and a fitness program. Currently, we have six regular trampolines, seven accessories, one fitness trampoline, and four fitness accessories. By having a limited amount of products we are able to focus and perfect each item. We are currently operating as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) and as a retailer for trampolines and accessories. Our employees are constantly working to create new products, effective marketing strategies, and develop engaging social media accounts. Every day our goal is to improve and grow the business to maximize our potential. Ways to reach us and buy our products is through our website and social media accounts.

Mission Statement


“Our mission at Skyline is to develop the best trampoline with originality, imagination, and innovation to help fuel the youths’ development of an appreciation for being outdoors.”

What is the Problem we are focused on?

At Skyline we realize that child obesity is on the rise and kids are starting to stay inside on their electronics, abandoning the outside world. According to the CDC, “the prevalence of obesity was 19.3% and affected about 14.4 million children and adolescents.” We here at Skyline see this as a pivotal issue to society and aim to help lower this number. Also, looking at the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry it states that children 6-12 spend about 4-6 hours everyday watching screens. This is another issue Skyline aims to help address by getting kids to go outside. We as a company are aware that these issues are monumental and can create solutions.

 Our Solution!

The way we look to address the issues of obesity in children and the excessive amount of screen time that children are getting, is by creating fun, new, and innovative products. This year we are pleased to introduce a brand-new product line that was put together by the entire company. We are also starting up a new fitness line to help out with the obesity issue. With new products and a new fitness line there is no reason a child wouldn’t love to get outside and start bouncing.

What is Virtual Enterprise International?

"VE provides a solution for schools to offer all students meaningful skills-based career experiences. Through our hands-on, task-based curricula, students test drive potential careers and develop in-demand skills and competencies that post-secondary institutions and employers are seeking. By managing the day-to-day operations of a company, students not only develop business skills and an entrepreneurial mindset, they also identify career pathways that align with their interests, talents, and aspirations."- Veinternational